kiteboarding LESSONS

(prices per person)

1 hour - $ 120 USD

3 hours - $ 320 USD
6 hours - $ 600 USD
9 hours - $ 850 USD

OVER 20%


1 hour - $ 90 USD

3 hours - $ 240 USD
6 hours - $ 450 USD
9 hours - $ 640 USD

Lesson prices include all Kiteboarding equipment, equipment insurance and helmet.

Personal sports wear (rashguard, shades, sunblock, hat) or any additional safety (floating device, pads, etc) equipment is NOT provided. 

Personal medical insurance is not provided and Eastern Shore Kite Lessons is not responsible for any damage to yourself or others while performing this activity. Before you take your first lesson, you must print and sign this liability release form and you must bring it along with a copy of you ID to the meeting poing. Download Disclaimer Form.

i want in, what´s next?

Dope! Now that you made up your mind,
here what´s next!

   1. Contact us!

Thats the first thing. Send us an email at

And let us know a little bit about you, name, location, age and your goals regarding kiteboarding!

    Since Kiteboarding is a wind sport, we need 10 - 12 knots of constant wind at the least. So now that we are in contact, you will

   2. Let us know how your day schedule is, maybe you can only make it work on the weekends and thats fine! With this in mind we will let you know when there are conditions to kite and once we agree on a time and day we are set! 

   3. Choose spot.

We will decide which spot along the eastern shore suits both parties best, regarding your location, the wind direction and time available!

   4. Lesson time!

And once we´ve decided that, we will meet you at the selected spot and we will bring all the equipment,  you will just need sun protection: shades, cap, rashguard, and a swimming suit of course! Ladies, bring comfortable wear!

   5. Payment

Can be made in cash upon meet up, or before meet up via paypal or nay similar method...

You must sign a liability release form which you can download here, sign online, or print and bring signed to the meet up!

Lessons guide

kiteboarding discovery



Description: In the first part of this program you will get to know the equipment, how it works, how to set up, how to activate the safety measures.

You will learn about the physics of the wind, and the kite interaction with the wind will make you sail.

You will learn the beginner how to fly the kite, how to launch, land, and how to re launch from the water.

You will learn self rescue techniques.

Level required: No Kiteboarding experience needed. Student MUST know how to swim, float, and be in good physical condition.

DURATION: 3 hours

beginner kite lessons



Description: By the end of this program, you will be flying the kite with confidence, even 1 handed, you will be able to body drag and go upwind to recover your board.

And you will begin to use the board, be able to start and stop and do the first rounds of sailing. This is the most challenging session, since it will be your first encounter with the water and flying the kite and it may seem overwhelming but if you push through, you will succeed!


Level required: Kiteboarder level 1/ discovery or equivalent.


DURATION: 3 hours

IMG_1256 2.jpeg


Description: You will sail confidently to both directions. You will be able to ride upwind and do transitions and maybe the first jump! During this program, you will learn how to manage your practice area and to choose your equipment. Your kite flying skills will be improved and you will learn how to control your direction and power, and come back to your starting point.

You will learn common sailing rules to have a friendly and respectful session with other kiters.

DURATION: 3 hours


Level required: Kiteboarder Level 2 o equivalent.

      This information is indicative only

      depending on personal skills and wind conditions.



  • Become an independent kiteboarder.

  • Ride upwind and come back to the same spot where you started.

  • Re launch kite from the water.

  • Bodydrag upwind to recover board.

  • Set up and use your own equipment.

  • You will be able to rent equipment or have supervision depending on the level and confidence.


who can learn kiteboarding?

Everybody. As young as 8 years old and as old as you feel. It all depends on your lifestyle. Kiteboarding is like any other extreme sport, it requires physical and mental abilities. The strength you'll need is similar to waterskiing, windsurfing and skiing.

where can i learn?

Along the Eastern Shore Alabama there are several safe spots to learn and the beaches of Pensacola, Gulfshores and Dauphin Island are great spots as well. If you are interested in taking lessons, send us an email and we will arrange the meet up. We will choose the best spot for you and where the wind blows!

When can i learn?

In this area we get wind all year long, stronger cold winds in the winter, softer warm breezes during the summer. We provid equipment for any type of wind.

What do I need?

You only have to worry about being a good swimmer, maybe some suncreen and shades. We will get you everything else, and well.. mother nature will provide the wind!

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